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Our Story

Remark Holdings (NASDAQ: MARK) primarily focuses on the development and deployment of artificial-intelligence-based solutions for businesses and software developers in many industries. 

Our technology enables businesses to become an AI-enabled company. We partner with our customers in building and deploying a full end to end solution tailored to fit their business needs.

Our Vision

Applying the power of AI through practical and accessible solutions that solve problems, reduce risk and deliver positive outcomes across multiple industries.

Creating safer and more efficient solutions to build and deploy full end to end solutions tailored to fit each businesses needs. Proving our customers a competitive advantage, while optimizing their operations, and improving their business results.


       Remark’s Thermal Imaging is used to scan high traffic areas for feverish symptoms and identify and track the subjects. The person showing an abnormal temperature will be detected and can be automatically identified, tracked, and an alert is sent to the system user for further inspection.​

Remark's AI revolutionizes the way we live and work. Alongside our thermal imaging capabilities, our top ranked facial recognition software enables more efficiency and safer work environment.


With object tracking, new standards such as mask compliance can be easily monitored and maintained. Touchless check-in and access to doors and gates reduce the spread of viruses and get you back to work sooner and safer. 


How it works


Thermal Imaging and Facial Recognition


Remark’s proprietary Thermal Imaging is used to scan high traffic areas for elevated temperatures and identify and track the subjects. 


Any individual showing an abnormal temperature will be detected and can be automatically identified, tracked, and an alert will be sent to the system user for further inspection.


120 people can be detected per minute.

All of our product’s are customizable and can operate as a standalone or integrated centralized control system, specific to the needs of the user.


Real-time video and audible alerts from each installed system can be sent to the central system or monitored live.  ​

The system can be mounted on walls, tripods, or ceilings to scan wider area. 


More than just thermal imagining....

What differentiates Remark's thermal cameras are its capabilities beyond thermal temperature scanning. 

Our proprietary software enables users to integrate their needs.

Creating solutions for various tasks such as PPE enforcement, contactless access to doors and gates, attendance management, touchless employee check-in, object counts, behavior detection and theft control.

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Awarded by ICCV 

"Top Honors for Visual Object Tracking"


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